IMAT 2023: guide to ranking and enrollment

IMAT 2023: Guide to Ranking and Enrollment

Have you passed the IMAT test, or are you hoping to pass it with the scrollings? If the answer is yes, it is essential to know the procedure for enrolling in medical universities in English. In this article, we’ll explain more about the ranking list, how to proceed with enrollment after passing the IMAT 2023 test on October 17th, what steps to follow and the deadlines to meet.


IMAT registration vs enrolment: what’s the difference?

The IMAT test is the prerequisite for applying to a degree course in Medicine and Surgery or Dentistry in English. Registration is done online through the Universitaly portal and must be completed by the deadline specified in the notice.

Enrolment, on the other hand, concerns actual application to the university where the medicine course in English is active. Only those who have passed the IMAT 2023 test can proceed with enrolment in one of the locations indicated among the preferences specified during the application for the test.


IMAT Ranking Calendar

According to the IMAT 2023 announcement, there are some important dates and deadlines that you should keep in mind if you dream of studying medicine in English:

  • 31st October 2023: publication of your paper and score in your reserved area on Universitaly. Find our analysis here!
  • 7th November 2023: publication of the IMAT national ranking list.
  • 15th November 2023: first IMAT scrollings.

In the following days and weeks, further scrollings will follow weekly until the closing of the ranking list.

Who can enrol in Medicine and Surgery in English?

After about a month from the date of the test for medicine in English, the IMAT official ranking list has been published. This ranking is national, and the minimum score required to be eligible is at least 20 points. However, to enrol, candidates must have scores that are usually much higher than the minimum threshold.

In the ranking list, you will see some wording next to the name of each candidate:

  • Assigned: candidates who have obtained the necessary score for enrollment in the seat of their first choice. They must proceed with enrolment at their assigned university within 4 days of the publication of the ranking list or of the scrolling, excluding Saturdays and public holidays. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the ranking list entirely.
  • Booked: candidates booked in a location other than their first choice. They have two options: they can enrol in the seat where they are booked within 4 days of the publication of the ranking list or of the scrolling, excluding Saturdays and holidays, or they can wait for the next scrolling. If they choose to wait, they must confirm their interest in remaining on the rank list by noon on the fifth day, including the day of the scrolling, Saturdays and holidays. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the rank list entirely.

Remember: candidates “waiting” and those “not ranking” must also confirm their interest, as they may have a chance to be placed on the ranking list during the subsequent scrollings, especially if they are close to the last booked candidate.

In the event of a tie, subject scores will predominate, followed by language certifications, disability certificates or certifications under Law 104/92 and, finally, age.


How to enrol in Medicine and Surgery in English

To enrol, you must follow the procedure indicated on the university website to which you have been assigned or booked.

How long do you have to complete the enrollment process? You will only have 4 days from the publication of the ranking list or scrolling, including the day of the scrolling and excluding Saturdays and public holidays.

Universities usually have registration procedures that are easy to follow, but always pay attention when filling in your data to avoid mistakes!

In the case of transfers, don’t panic! Transferring or dropping out of studies are short procedures and do not constitute an obstacle to enrolment.

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