A complete online learning tool created to help you prepare for the IMAT test at best.
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Question Bank & Simulator

Our quizzes are specially designed for extensive and focused learning of what the test requires.

The commented answers address the requested topic in-depth, highlight differences and similarities with other aspects of the subject, and facilitate information retention.

The quizzes’ difficulty is similar to or slightly higher than the one in the recent IMAT tests.

At the end of each simulation you perform, you will find a statistical report, which will allow you to compare your preparation to other students’ taking the same test.

We promise you will not be caught unprepared.


This Videolibrary is the ideal resource to study theory for IMAT, as it focuses on the topics needed to pass the test.

You will have access to 100+ videos, divided by subject and by topic, allowing you to use this resource both in the initial phases and later in your preparation to repeat the most challenging topics.

Therefore, you can use our videolibrary whenever you wish to make a targeted review.

You will not be alone

We provide content-rich explanations for both correct and, most importantly, incorrect answers: this is the only way to achieve a deep and comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and get the most out of a simulation.

Designed for your study

Our online simulator has been developed with a simple and user-friendly interface, which allows you to create customised tests and view statistics that can help you evaluate your preparation level and improvements.

Test yourself with our free simulations.

You will find always available for free 2019 and 2020 past papers with our explained solutions on our online simulator.

We will release regularly new TB-branded simulations and announce them on our social media.

Choose the tool that suits best your study needs

25 €

IMAT 8 Simulations Pack

The IMAT 8 Simulations Pack includes the past papers from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, plus 4 unpublished simulations.

We suggest you use them at the very end of your preparation to elaborate a personal strategy and learn how to manage your time during the test.

All simulations are followed by commented answers to give you feedback while you are practising.

79 €

Complete TB IMAT Question Bank

This question bank is the ideal tool for the final stage of your IMAT exam preparation.

It contains over 1500 practice questions, divided by subjects and topics or in original complete simulations.

All quizzes are Cambridge-like and supplemented by explained solutions, which will help you revise better before the test.

It includes the IMAT 8 Simulations Pack

129 €

Theory Videolibrary On-demand

This Videolibrary is the ideal tool for your theoretical study, focused on the topics necessary to pass the test.

You will have access to 100+ videos, divided by subject and by topic, allowing you to use this resource both as an initial study and as a subsequent repetition of the topics on which you most need to fix information.

Our videolibrary will therefore be a tool that you can use whenever you want to make a targeted review on a single topic.

189 €

On-demand Prep School

This offer is aimed at all those who prefer entirely on-demand products to live lessons.

The offer is divided into two resources:

Would you like to prepare for the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT) with us?

All our courses include the Complete TB IMAT Question Bank